Documentary DVD – Amandla South Africa

Documentary DVD – Amandla South Africa


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Black South African freedom music played a central role in the fight against apartheid.  It’s spiritual dimension and how it sustained the black South Africans for more than 40 years. An uplifting story of courage and triumph. The stunning documentary Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony tells the story of protest music in South Africa- it tells the story of the struggle against apartheid itself, for the music and the revolution are inseparable. Through archival footage and interviews with musicians, freedom fighters, and even members of the former government police, Amandla! creates a vivid and powerful portrait of how music was crucial not only to communicating a political message beyond words, but also to the resistance itself–how songs bonded communities, buoyed resistance in the face of bullets and tear gas, and sowed fear in the ruling elite. Part history, part musical exploration, part sheer force of life, Amandla! captures both the sorrow and the triumph of life in South Africa from the 1950s to 1990, when Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress came into power

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