About Us

Our History


My name is Ras Charles born in Jamaica (JAH MAKE AH), I came to the USA by means of a football scholarship (soccer) to attend either Rutgers University or Franklin Pierce College. I joined the military and when I got out, I just started working. One day I went to a festival with a friend and saw some people selling Rasta stuff. When I asked about some of the things they were selling they could not tell me about them. They did not know what Jamaica or Jamaican culture was about. I did not let them know that I was a Yard man (Jamaican) and they tried to give me a sales pitch about the stuff I was asking about . It upset me and that is why I decided to do what I am doing now; EARTH CULTURE

To me, culture is very important to all people. It brings them closer and it also creates a bond with others through learning and teaching. I use the name EARTH CULTURE not just to have a store, but to have a cultural home where each and everyone from all walks of life and culture can have a oneness. Also, so each one can learn something of the next, and learn to respect and appreciateLove each other and to bring together that oneness: ONE LOVE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY, ONE PEOPLE . When I first started I use to have a different name: “Tradition”, as I wanted everyone to follow and have their cultural tradition and then I met a girl from Australia. We had a nice convo, we talked, and from that time on I knew, as if it were an inspiration, to come up with this name: EARTH CULTURE . And that is how it all began. Here at the store we have Rastafari Clothing, Rastafari T Shirts, Rastafari Hats, and Rastafari Banners.