Chanting Down Babylon Book – CDB

Chanting Down Babylon Book – CDB


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This is a great book for people are seeking more knowledge about all aspects of what Rastafari is from its origin till its current standings it covers the tip of all subjects that flows on through Rastafarian teachings and wisdom coming from someone who knew not much about Rastafari before reading this book i give it a 10 because it gives you info on lots of subjects discussed on Rastafari but leaves much for your mind to want to continue to search out more for yourself. The Rastafarian movement had largely been a Jamaican phenomenon from its inception in the 1930s until the 1960s, when immigrants from the Caribbean migrated internationally. This collection of essays attempts to define in populist manner Rastafari; its beginnings, successes, and failures; its belief system; and its religious, economic, cultural, psychological, and social connotations. With no formal structure, Rastafari is an evolving belief system based on the principles of Leonard Howell’s The Promised Key. Its message of Afrocentricity is important, but the resistance and liberation psychology, along with reggae music, all give meaning to people’s lives. The “Downpression” of Jamaican society reflects a “Babylonian” experience of the black’s soulful desolation. From the life-affirming practices of Rastafari, selfhood and dignity is reclaimed. Bible study, fasting, and living with the earth were early components; later the African tradition of ganja smoking was used in rituals to commune on a higher plane. Recommended.?


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