African Statue – Pygmy figure Cameroon

African Statue – Pygmy figure Cameroon


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“In Bamoun country, there live Pygmies which look like these little figures. Being “of the forest,” Pygmies are known to have a mystical closeness with the forces of nature. Bamoun people keep Pygmy terracotta figures like these within their homes for the protection of the family. These figures are also believed to bring good harvests and to increase family wealth. They give special protection to children, keeping them safe from harm, illness and bad dreams.”

“Such clay figures are known as house gods. The Tikar have produced these clay figures to represent the spirits of pygmies known as the first occupants of their region. The Tikar believe these spirits offer protection, fertility, and good luck. The Tikar also seek the assistance of this house gods during any healing process. Sacrifice and offerings are regularly conducted by the owner to honor these gods and to renew their power.
These clay figures come in various forms: standing, sitting, kneeling.
Some of them have holes in the back for offerings; some have clay rings around necks, waists, wrists or ankles; some are made in the form of rattles or lamps.”