Incense sticks – African violet

Incense sticks – African violet


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*********  Bundle of 50 – 100 sticks ******

EARTH CULTURE ROOTS   – hand dip sticks Incense .     WE take our product  and making of our incense with  great pride .          **  ( 50 – 100 INCENSE PER PACK )   **

We Hand Dip each bundles with our 100 % high quality fragrance oils to ensure the fragrance strength  of each stick.

We  have EXTRA LONG  soaking times   to ensure the highest quality smell  and out sticks will not   be weaken or change  in strengths even when exposed to air in packaging .

We soak our incense for a long period  to ensure   maximum situation  to give  the optimum smell

FRESHNESS –    Our incense are well made  and stay fresh always , because we take the time to do and make them right

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100 Sticks, 50 Sticks