Book – Christoper Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust



Examining and revealing the true racist and genocide nature of the monster Christopher Columbus and what he represented about European Imperial expansion. But unfortunately the book is one of the most poorly written and publish books I've ever seen. It's worse written than the delusional manuscripts of sad depressed schizophrenic's that I would see from time to time in my psychotherapy practice. In spite of how deeply important these scrambled together documents were, of course no one would publishing much less read them. And this book which was published and I tried to read was not much better. The facts in the ideas and the emotional anger was all there, but it was scrambled together repetitiously with no structure. I could only guess that the author browbeat somebody into getting the book published, angrily fending off any of the helpful criticisms he undoubtedly got, until they eventually just gave in and said let's put a cover on it. As a resource for someone who wants to check on whether they're aware or need to create a list of Christopher Columbus's political crimes, this book might be a value.

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