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Haile Selassie

On July 23, 1892 Tafari makonnen who later become HIM, Haile Selassie I, the Conquering lion of judah, was born in Ejersa goro, a mountain village outside of Harer  in the year of John. HIM father was Ras Makonnen the cousin of menelik 11, and his mother was Yishimabet who's parents married in 1876.  Upon…
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Herbs and Remedies

Products coming soon! [product_category category="herbs-and-remedies" per_page="50" columns="4" orderby="rand" order="asc"]
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Earth Culture Special

From time to time, we come across products that are truly one of a kind.  We also create our own products that we are proud enough of to label with our custom logo.  It's our promise to you that you are buying "an original", an experience that will last a lifetime. [product_category category="earth-culture-special" per_page="50" columns="4"…
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Culture Corner

My home country has a rich culture full of delicious food, mysterious legends, uplifting stories and incredible artifacts.  I want to share that culture with you here.  Please take a look at our genuine artifacts and let me know if you want something you don't see! [product_category category="culture-corner" per_page="50" columns="4" orderby="rand" order="asc"]
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